Friday, 1 February 2013

Student Feedback for Jan 26/27th

Session: Pre-production workflows, storyboards and pitching
Presented by: Sam Moore, Peter Fraser (Guest) and Spence Whalen


Feedback from the students was overly positive and they were genuinely quite pleased with the tasks and structure of the session. 
  • They were given many different styles to look at from various animators such as Joanna Quinn and Lotte Reiniger. They picked up on things they had not known about before.
  • The students enjoyed writing their own short stories and comparing them to each other. They had the freedom to make up what they wanted with pointers being given to help them achieve it.
  • One student in particular really liked standing on stage and pitching his story idea to the class. 
  • There was a lot of back and fourth freedom and questions between the lecturer/s and the students so they felt involved with the teaching.

Some other points of note however;
  • One student wasn't 100% keen on the theatre type seating arrangements as he found it awkward for group discussions. This however was needed with the amount of students present. By the next session (Thursday) we moved to a classroom.  
  • Two students found the sessions overly animation heavy with little examples of live action being shown. With more interest in live action, they had difficulty writing a short story (because of the examples being animation).

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