Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Comments from Academy students’ parents

 Some comments from Academy students’ parents

Following notification of an Offer of a Place at the Academy (to their son/daughter)

"We would like to thank the BFI for putting on events like this, hopefully you will be rewarded when the next generation of British filmmakers comes on stream. Elizabeth certainly intends to do her part in this."

Father of Elizabeth-Valentina Sutton


"Nice to know everything has been arranged so thoroughly. [Jenny] is really looking forward to the programme so thank you for giving her the opportunity"

-Mother of Jenny Hill


"I am really pleased that Sabrina has been given this opportunity"

-Mother of Sabrina Davis

"I am more than happy for Philippa to participate in the BFI Film Academy programme and we are pleased you were able to offer her a place...she is looking forward to the experience and I am sure it will help her with her ambition within the field of animation."

-Mother of Philippa Williamson


"Thank you very much. We are very proud to support Jess with her path to success."
-Father of Jess Owen

Following the Opening Weekend:

"Thank you for giving Jenny a lovely weekend. She was enthusiastic about showing us a lot of the animations she’d been shown, and she not only learned but enjoyed herself, so thank you very much.

She’s now looking forward to the Wem sessions, and I can’t wait to see how she develops her own animation"

-Mother of Jenny Hill

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