Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Feedback for Thurs 14th Feb

Thursday 14th Feb,
Documentaru Techniques
Teacher - Don Adamson


The teaching session involved techniques on how to write documentary and how we percieve it. A crash course and introduction test with the students on what we take as truth or a fact. The students had to group up in pairs and say their name and a fact about themselves, such as favourite hobby, a family member or what they had for breakfast for example. The class enjoyed the discussions of certain facts that they were sharing and if they were true or false. 

Throughout the evening, Don showed various examples of documentary of animals, non fiction and also fiction and asked the students how they follow what they believe to be fact. This led to multiple class tasks in groups to write on A2 paper as to what they know about World War 2 and the London Olympics. Then finally ended on the students being shown a various assortment of 'evidence' and for them to make a story out of it.

It was all postive feedback the students gave;
  • They all pretty much agreed that they loved that Don kept them involved and engaged throughout. 
  • Two students loved the freedom to share their thoughts. 
  • All liked that they were constantly active in practical class tasks and group discussions.
  • One group enjoyed being shown a diverse list of documentary types and understanding the difference.
  • Realising that something such as fact or truth can be percieved differently by different people.

In specific, the final class task of the class studying and sharing their thoughts on the pieces of evidence to make a story led to some quite funny and clashing leading to discussion which was fantastic to listen to.

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