Friday, 8 February 2013

Feedback, Jan 31st/Feb 7th Animation Techniques

Animation Technique and Processes
Jan 31st and Feb 7th

Teacher - Graham Lock
Wolverhampton Site

For the past two Thursday sessions, the students have been heavily involved in seeing and practising different techniques in Animation such as traditionally (like Joanna Quinn) and digitally, using tweens and stop motion. A run through course on programs like Adobe Flash, TV Paint and briefly After Effects, Premiere Pro aswell as a tour of the facilities like the rostrum room and sound booth, there was enough insight for the students to know how the animation process works. 

They enjoyed the examples of work being shown such as animation tests from Pixar film Ratatouille, how Joanna Quinn animates, expressive animated walk cycles and adverts to cartoons that use tweening style animation. 

For their class tasks, we asked them to open up Flash and first just learning the tools and workspace and trying to draw. Some were able to make some very impressive work using the mouse. Afterwards, on Feb 7th, they were handed a template of a man provided by Graham to tween into a walk cycle.

Some of the students got really into it! Some showed natural talent off the bat whilst some struggled but we were on hand always to provide help and aid them. At the end, they all had something they had made each showing a different variant walk cycle. 

For the evening, we brought toys, moved into the rostrum room and had a go at stop motion animation. After explaining how to use the cameras and how to record footage, laughs all around as students both had fun and were able to make stories out of what toys were available such as King Kong getting revenge for his baby monkey. Two students, Phillipa and Tom instead took on the challenge of doing animation on paper using a lightbox. After giving them a few tricks to use when animating on paper, the result was a smooth and well done animation.

  • Students were happy with the support being provided constantly throughout.
  • Valentina was amazed at how she managed to make a walk cycle on a program she has never used before and ever tried doing before. 
  • Impressed by the sound booth room. Carl and Nathan asked to use for some recording. 
  • Had very good fun with stop motion. One saying that it was easily their favourite task so far because of how approachable and hands on it was.
  • Phillipa enjoyed doing traditional animation on paper. Had a big smile on her face when she captured it on film and saw it played back in motion.

On the side;
  • A student would like the sessions to be longer. They are really getting into it but run out of time. 

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