Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wem Town Hall's First Two Weeks

Thought I'd write a little note on how the Wem side of things have been going for the first two evening sessions at Wem Town Hall.

1st Week:
In the first week the group looked at different animation equipment including light-boxes, camera leads and tripods, lighting and various different software. I then introduced the group to all the fundamental animation techniques showing what equipment is used and showing examples of work.

We looked at traditional animation, hand drawn using a light-box - Joanna Quinn. Cel animation and the History of such techniques.
We looked at Rotoscope (clips off youtube) and pixilation techniques - Norman McLaren 'Neighbours'.
We looked at various Stop Motion styles including the short animation 'Gulp' created on a smart phone.
In the second half I then split the group into two groups. One group had to make a quick 2 second (48 frames) hand-drawn animation using the lightbox, paper and pencils. The 2nd group then did some digital rotoscope animation using a skateboarding video, graphics tablet and drawing ontop of the video using photoshop.
After 45 mins the 2 groups changed around. Whilst they were swapping techniques each group showed the other group what to do. This was recorded to form part of their 'Bronze Arts Award'.

Ben- 'Wow Jess your animation is amazing'
Sophie - 'I can't wait to try hand-drawn animation, I'm pretty good at drawing!'
Claire- 'OMG you can really see the movement in my rotoscope skateboarder!'
Lewis- 'I think I might use rotoscope and hand-drawn in my final animation'

2nd Week:
This week we looked at computer generated animation's and techniques.
I introduced the group to Anime Studio Pro. A great software that bridges a slight gap between 2D and 3D animation.
Each group member designed a simple 2D character and rigged it up using bones. Then step by step they were shown how to keyframe the character and make simple movements. First everyone made their character wave. Then Jump and some managed a walking cycle.
Backgrounds were introduced and we started to animate the foreground with the background.
It was very exciting and I think everyone realized the difference between computer generated and traditional types of animation. It feels like the group will be a mixture of traditional hand drawn animations and computer generated.
Best Quotes of the day:
Leanne - 'OK, anime studio is really easy, I love it'
Leanne 10 mins later - 'OMG it's sooooooooo hard!'
Tyler - 'Wow it's not as bad as what it first seemed'
Jenny - 'I like anime studio, I can't wait to try a 3D software'

Some pics will follow!


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