Sunday, 10 March 2013

Feedback for Thursday 28th Feb - Sound

February 28th Thursday
Sound and Music
Teacher - Ross Winning


For this session, Ross showed and made the students understand how important and the impact sound can offer to pieces of film and animation. The lesson structure involved multiple examples from Popeye to Oskar Fishinger's "Allegretto". Further explanations dived into dope sheets, model sheets and the impact "Disney's Steamboat Willie" and "Oswalds Trolley Trouble" had in synchronised sound.

The class task involved the students listening to an animation with their eyes closed and then writing down and drawing what they think happened in the story before finally being allowed to see the animation and see what actually happened.

  • The majority thoroughly enjoyed the class task as it led to some very in-depth and humorous discussions into what they think happened and what stories they could come up with. 
  • Some students didn't realise just how much sound can change the personality of a film. 
  • Two students (Cameron & Oliver) agreed that the variety of films shown was excellent and really sold the lesson plan. 
  • One student (Phillipa) was more interested into incorporating sound into their own film now after the session.

  • Some students (Hakan, Phillipa, Laura and Rachel) would of liked some more practical hands-on in the session. They found it a little odd that there was no time for doing some recording or using some equipment. 

Phillipa drawing an image to sound

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